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NJ Jobs – How Do I Find A Job in New Jersey?

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New Jersey Jobs & Recruiting – Ultimate Guide

Searching for NJ Jobs is often very painstaking. Since many people know that NJJobMarket.com started as a job board in February 2005, we have made the process far more local and far simpler. Since then, our Candidate pool has swelled up to over 11,000 resumes and over 10,000 jobs posted. Over 90% of our Candidates have been viewed by New Jersey Employers in past 12 years. All at no cost to post your resume. In sum, Candidates are getting noticed by people who count in the hiring process from NJ recruiters to New Jersey HR managers to NJ hiring managers.

New Jersey Job Market (NJJobMarket.com) has a tremendous focus on the state of New Jersey Recruiting through its job boardblog and social networks. The easiest way to get noticed is to join our community. NJJobMarket boasts some of the most followed NJ jobs, resume bank and NJ recruiting resources in the state of New Jersey:

  • Twitter @NJJobMarket – when NJJobMarket joined Twitter in August of 2010 nobody was tweeting jobs in New Jersey. Now, we tweet at least 10 of the hottest jobs each day. All of these jobs are local including companies that offer relocation packages to the Garden State.
  • Facebook – NJJobMarket has a dual presence on Facebook including the ever-growing NJJobMarket Facebook Group and NJJobMarket Facebook Page. Over 90% of NJJobMarket’s Facebook community members live in the state of New Jersey and offer tremendous skills, work experience and training that is difficult to find on much larger job sites that focus on a wide variety of geographical areas.
  • LinkedIn – When NJJobMarket joined LinkedIn, nobody realized how big of group of New Jersey Job Seekers and already employed passive Candidates there were. Today there are nearly 800 NJJobMarket LinkedIn Group Members and its growing rapidly!

What are the best industries to get a job in New Jersey?

New Jersey Job Market (NJJobMarket.com) has noticed over the years that our job board matches the footprint of New Jersey’s biggest industry sectors including:

Why should I work in New Jersey?

New Jersey Job Market (NJJobMarket.com) has found that New Jersey is the #2 rated educational system in the country. That’s right. For the country’s 4th smallest state (only Delaware, Rhode Island and Connecticut are smaller in terms of square miles), New Jersey ranks incredibly high despite having the 11th highest population.

No wonder people are moving to New Jersey for job opportunities and applying to our incredible schools like Princeton (the #1 ranked school in the country by US News & World Report for 2021) as well as Rutgers, the newest member of the prestigious Big 10 conference and Seton Hall, a long-time member of the Big East conference.

Raising children in school systems that offer an elite level of education is a huge driver of value. New Jersey is also the 4th most wealthiest state in America with a median household income of ~$69,000. So not only are there great jobs in New Jersey, but they are high paying too.

Why should I apply to jobs on NJJobMarket.com when there are bigger job boards available?

That’s just the problem. Think of this question in reverse. Why get lost in a sea of resumes that only a fraction of which are relevant to NJ Recruiting and New Jersey Employment opportunities? NJJobMarket.com is a niche recruitment job board for the state of New Jersey. We focus specifically on NJ Jobs, Recruitment news and Employment vacancies with little to no advertising. Instead of a cumbersome Applicant Tracking System, we offer a simple, easy to apply job board platform.

Our word-of-mouth community makes us quite unique since NJ Employers and NJ Candidates who use NJJobMarket.com have been with us for many years. Candidates use services like our NJ Job Alerts to get the latest NJ Jobs emailed to them daily.

Does NJJobMarket help support the larger community in the state of New Jersey?

Yes we do. A little known secret is we offer FREE job postings for New Jersey Non-Profit organizations. This has been true since the day we launched in 2005. We help these organizations find talent for no cost and help foster a local NJ candidate pipeline.

Are there any FREE perks to being a NJJobMarket user if I don’t work for an NJ Non-Profit?

Actually yes. NJJobMarket offers *FREE Trade Magazines and Publications to those who qualify. To get your free subscription, simply click on the link to category of magazines you are interested in and fill out the form and submit. You may sign up for as many magazines as you like. Remember to fill out the forms COMPLETELY. Publishers will not accept incomplete forms. Please note, we regard your personal information as confidential and private.

*Publishers of each magazine or trade publication determine your subscription status and not Cinnamon Entertainment Group LLC / NJJobMarket.com

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