How to Put a Positive Spin on a Midlife Crisis

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By Patrick Young

Most people experience a period of soul-searching when they reach middle age. As you look back on the past few decades, you may feel that you’ve left your best years behind, that your life turned out differently than you had envisioned, and that you have nothing to look forward to but the same old routine. You start to notice changes in your body and mind. You have regrets about things you did or didn’t do in the past.

This period of reflection and regret is often described as a midlife crisis. While labeling this experience as a crisis makes it sound very negative, there is an upside! Verywell Mind explains that people in this period of life have a curiosity about themselves and the world. They’re open to new ideas, motivated to try new things, and eager to chase new opportunities.

Using Your Midlife Crisis to Fuel a Career Change

Midlife could be a great time to change careers. Compared with when you first entered the workforce, you now have a lifetime of experience under your belt and a deeper understanding of what you want. There’s a good chance most of the skills you developed at your current position are to other roles and fields. If you know what you want to do, look for roles via online job boards that specialize in mid-career or senior executive level candidates, such as

Go Back to School

If you need to learn new skills before making a career change, consider going back to school. It’s never too late to earn a new degree! For example, you could pursue a degree in information technology (IT) to open up job opportunities in the IT industry. An IT degree program will teach you about network systems and security, operating systems, programming, web development, data management, business analysis, and more. Online degree programs make it easy for working professionals to attend university without taking time off work or compromising on their family obligations. Just make sure whatever online school you choose is accredited and offers competitive tuition. 

Invest in Health-Promoting Products

If your midlife crisis has encouraged you to reflect on your health, you may feel motivated to make a few health-focused changes to your home. Consider investing in products that will make your home a healthier place. For example, an air purifier will remove toxins from your indoor air, while home workout equipment will ensure fitness is always convenient and accessible. Just be sure to do your research before spending good money on health products. There are a lot of gimmicky products out there! Use a trusted review website to read unbiased product reviews and ensure you make the right purchasing decision.

Prioritize Yourself and Your Needs

If you’ve spent your whole life caring for and serving the needs of others, it’s easy to feel lost when you reach middle age. But this is a great opportunity to focus on yourself! Reevaluate your priorities and realize the importance of self-care. Change how you talk to yourself, learn to say “no” to protect your needs, and stop feeling responsible for other people’s emotions. If you’ve been a people pleaser all of your life, now is a great opportunity to start setting boundaries and standing up for your happiness.

Lean Into Curiosity

As mentioned earlier, curiosity is the silver lining in a midlife crisis. Lean into this! Feed your newfound curiosity and follow your interests. Curiosity can help you overcome your fears, develop your skills, build empathy, and foster a greater sense of self-awareness. Embrace the drive to learn new things and reflect on yourself. Curiosity fuels personal growth!

If you’re going through a midlife crisis right now, try to find a silver lining. Periods of upheaval are excellent opportunities to expand your horizons and bring positive change to your life. Whether you decide to go back to school, make a career change, or focus on your health, you can turn your midlife crisis into a positive experience!

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