Non-Profit Organization – New Jersey
Free Job Posting Policy!

Since 2005, New Jersey Job Market is dedicated to supporting social services and education in New Jersey. Accordingly, if you are a New Jersey Employer working at a non-profit organization, such as a school, college or any other type (regardless of industry) of non-profit company, institution or center, you will automatically be granted free job posting rights on our site. You can post as many jobs as you wish. This offer, however, does not include Resume Access as that feature involves the privacy and confidential nature of candidate profiles.

Q) What is considered Resume Access and what isn’t?

A) If a candidate responds directly to your job posting and you receive his/her resume (via email, fax, etc) as normal (which is at no cost to you) then this action is not considered Resume Access. You still receive the candidate’s email address, US Postal Address, phone, etc. included in his/her resume response. This is because the candidate has elected to reveal his/her confidential information to you and he/she has applied directly to your job opportunity through our site.

However, if you are looking to search resumes that are posted on the site (of candidates that did not respond to your job posting aka the “Post Resume” area) then your organization would be subject to resume access fees for contacting such candidates. This action is¬†considered Resume Access.

In order to take advantage of NJJobMarket’s non-profit subscription program and receive free unlimited job postings, we ask that you please complete the following:

1) Create a new employer account on Complete the profile information.

2) While creating a company profile, please upload your organization’s logo as well as type or copy & paste your organization’s description.

3) After this has all been completed, please email njjobs (at) and notify us of your newly created and completed non-profit Employer account. Our staff will review your account and verify your organization. Usually within 24 hours, we will email you back the remaining steps to complete your non-profit registration. Henceforth, you will be able to login and post jobs at no cost.

Again we thank you for your interest in