ProMotion Career Management - Personality Assessment Experts
While the scientifically proven personality assessments we use are vital to an individual’s and team’s success, they are merely initial tools needed to build toward an end point. And that end point is “results.”

That is why, unlike some consultation firms, we stick with you. We are accountable for the progress made by every individual and the greater team. And we want our feet held to the fire, because if we aren’t helping people and organizations grow, we aren’t doing our jobs very well, are we?

We hold confidential 30-minute meetings to help align behaviors with performance. We develop trust and expect accountability for personal development. We also meet as needed with the line manager or HR lead for the initiative, discussing team advancements and needs while never betraying the very personal one-on-one work being done.

When our work is done, both the people we work with and the people we work for will see the results of everyone’s combined efforts to shape personalities to positively impact performance.

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